About The Author

I am married, make a modest income, live in a small house, and the only income supporting a family of five.

Raising a family on a modest income was never easy. I am not one of those investors who could put aside 50% of their salary and map a strategy to wealth. Quite the opposite, money has always been tight but I did my due diligence of saving in my 401K and whenever I had free money ($50 here or $100 there) I would save it into an emergency fund.

I have been dabbling with buying and selling stocks since the mid 1990s and had some stellar years followed by some really bad years resulting in mild success. But I wanted something more consistent and predictable. Additionally, I felt there was a missing component in my savings strategy. I was saving and building wealth but the more I looked to my future I had a problem with not visualizing an income stream which has led me to dividend growth investing.

I have created this blog to accomplish 2 things. First is to be challenged (or encouraged) by my peers so I can learn. Second is to keep me honest to my goals, strategies, & investing rules.

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