Saving Money on Your Phone Bill

03 Jan 2016 16:19

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Still using a landline phone? If you have broadband internet you may want to consider this money saver.

Change primarily occurs when a problem arises and this is one of those incidents. On December 30th Frontier Communications (FTR) sent out a system software update that completely shut down my TV and phone service. Obviously the first thing I did was call the help line who could not resolve the issue remotely and stated they would have to send a tech out to resolve the problem.

Now it is at this point where it becomes a problem, the technician is not scheduled to come out until the following Wednesday (January 6th). The help line said it was due to a holiday and bad weather. Bad Weather??? Really! I live in Connecticut and the weather has been abnormally mild, is the weather problem that the Techs are sunbathing?

Regardless of Frontier’s issue, being without a phone for a week without a valid reason why is unacceptable. So I searched for alternatives and found Vonage (VG) a voice over internet protocol (VOIP) company and will be switching over to a Vonage VOIP system which will work off of my broadband internet. The only downside to my old phone was that if you lose power or internet then you lose phone service, something I could live with after seeing the savings.

In regards to pricing, Vonage is not unlike other communication companies and offer teaser rates for 1 or 2 year deals so I will summarize the savings with and without the teaser:

FTR VG 1st Yr Teaser VG 2nd Year
Monthly Cost $62 $18 $35
Monthly Savings $0 $44 $27
Annual Savings $0 $528 $324

So there you have it, I cut a monthly bill down by $27 with little loss to any creature comforts. I find it amazing that if Frontier quickly resolved my phone issue I would never have investigated into this to find a nice little nugget of savings. As the old saying goes…”Their loss, My gain!”

I realize the trend is get rid of landlines altogether and just use cellular phones, but for those that still prefer a phone this is an affordable option and money saver.

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