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06 Jan 2016 18:40

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If this was a boxing match the new year 2016 has come out of its corner swinging and pummeling Mr. Market who is praying that someone will ring the bell to end the first round. Not sure if this is an indicator of how the rest of the year will but so far it is far from pretty.

As the market is currently suffering through early losses an opportunity to buy T. Rowe Price (TROW) finally came across so I bought 15 shares @ $68.96 a share with a dividend yield of 3.01% that will increases my future annual dividend income by $31. I have been following TROW for just over a year and have been patiently waiting to get in at a decent price. There was an opportunity back in October but at the time I did not have enough funds to start a position and thought I missed the boat.

Some of the reasons why I bought TROW include:

  • 3% dividend
  • 46% Operating margin
  • 29% Profit margin
  • No long term debt
  • Free cash flow
  • 29 Years of dividend growth

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