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07 Jan 2016 17:54

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Markets are getting beat up (again) and I picked up another bargain in Westwood Holdings Group (WHG) at 49.91/share for 24 shares and a dividend yield of 4.57%. This will increase my annual forward dividend by $54.

Though WHG is a small cap I bought it for many of the same reasons I bought T Rowe Price (TROW):

◾High dividend 4.57%
◾34% Operating margin (not as good as TROW but still impressive)
◾22% Profit margin
◾No long term debt
◾Free cash flow

These last two buys have made my portfolio slightly overweight in financials so it will probably be my last buy for the year in this sector. Additionally, this is the last of my available funds until the second quarter of 2016.

Hopefully markets do not go much lower from here cause I'd hate to see I could have gotten both positions at much lower prices.

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