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09 Jan 2016 23:04

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Interesting Articles from Last Week

Mistakes Were Made Great article by fellow blogger No More Waffles. You have to admire an investor that admits his mistakes and what is more impressive is he is still in his twenties so it shows maturity and level headedness at a young age.

I Retired at 30 Another fantastic article by Mr. Money Mustache. Nothing is more polarizing than combining the words retired and thirty, actually the article is not about retirement but about having no more constraints to say or do what you want (freedom)!

18 Steps to a New Financial Plan Helpful checks for all those developing 2016 goals.

Markets and Lotto

Last week’s major headlines were pretty much downers with ISIS, Hydrogen Bombs, Shootings, and of course the markets getting bashed to start 2016. But at least there was one distraction to give us a break and that is a record Power Ball lotto drawing of $900 million.

I have no idea what to even do with that much money! But if I won a small piece of that action I sure know how I would invest some of it. Thanks to the market beating there are definitely some big name well run companies on sale.

The financial sector was one of the worst hit last week. Many investors for some reason soured on big banks and the sector was the second worst performing.


The problem I saw was the baby being thrown out with the bath water. The Financials sector is more than just banks and some good non-bank companies got trashed, take a look at these bargains:

Company Tkr Price Yield
AFLAC AFL $56.71 2.89%
Cincinnati Financial CINF $55.53 3.31%
Eaton Vance EV $28.78 3.68%
Maiden Holdings MHLD $13.52 4.14%
T Rowe Price TROW $65.36 3.18%

And financials weren’t the only place that looked attractive. Check out these big names

New Members to the Sub $100 Club
Company Tkr Price Yield
Apple AAPL $96.96 2.14%
Disney DIS $99.25 1.43%
Johnson & Johnson JNJ $98.16 3.05%


4+% Yield Club
Company Tkr Price Yield
Cummins CMI $86.03 4.53%
Domtar UFS $33.44 4.78%
Emerson Electric EMR $44.09 4.31%
Ford F $12.54 4.78%
General Motors GM $29.52 4.88%


Even More Big Names
Company Tkr Price Yield
3M MMM $140.49 2.91%
Donaldson DCI $27.12 2.51%
Genuine Parts Co. GPC $78.56 3.13%
IBM IBM $131.63 3.95%

I’ll keep on sharing internet finds when I can, Enjoy the Links :)

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