Weekly S&P Performance

24 Jan 2016 12:26

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Friday's gains pulled most sectors into a positive gain for the week and energy stocks being the biggest winner. But not all sectors saw gains, the financial and industry sectors continued their downward beat-down for the third week in a row.

In the financial sector I still see quite a few bargains for non-bank financial businesses (insurance and financial services). Companies like AFLAC, Cincinnati Financial, Eaton Vance, Maiden Holdings, Principal Financial Group, and TROW are offering decent yields and have plenty of room to grow their dividend.

The industrial sector has no pulse to start 2016. While I do not see as many opportunities as in financials there are some well run companies selling at a slight discount. Some opportunities include 3M whose share price has dropped below $140, United Technologies and Genuine Parts Co yielding just north of 3% to reward you while waiting for a recovery.

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