New Buys and a New Start

02 Feb 2016 22:53

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I'm finally focusing on my 2016 goal of rolling over an old 401K to an IRA. The first transfer was successful and now begins the task of building the new portfolio. I wanted to clarify this and not give the impression I came into a tidy sum of money, trust me I am not that lucky.

That said, I started with a dozen limit orders and 5 were filled today with the market being down so I have officially kicked off my new IRA. Here are the new buys to start my retirement income stream.

100 shares of Emerson Electric (EMR) @ $45
100 shares of Domtar (UFS) @ $31.70
200 shares of Omega Healthcare (OHI) @ $31.50
200 shares of General Motors (GM) @ $29.40
100 shares of Qualcomm (QCOM) @ $44

Not a bad haul and when all combined the total yield is 5.3%. What makes this easier is that I get 300 free trades for 6 months so expenses are being reduced for now. But, I will not make a bad trade if I do not get the prices I want before the 6 month period ends. I refuse to let a lousy $8 free trade dictate my investing.

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