New Buys - GMT and WHG

03 Feb 2016 23:05

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Continuing with my 401K transition to an IRA I picked up a couple of new buys today

First up was 100 shares of Westwood Holdings at $45.50 and a yield of 5.01%. I actually had three orders in for financial investing firms with Principal Financial (PFG) & T Rowe Price (TROW) being the other firms but their prices did not drop to fill my limit orders. I realize 2016 will not be spectacular earnings growth for these firms but I do like them long term and like the current entry prices.

My second pick-up of the day was 100 shares of GATX (GTM) at $40 and (if you factor in their recent dividend increase) it sports a yield of 4%. I’ve been looking to break into a railroad stock and GATX offers a nice alternative to owning a railroad operator like Union Pacific (UNP). What I find attractive about GATX is their diversity with railcars as well as having businesses in other transport operations via fleet operations on the Great Lakes, marine equipment and aircraft engine leasing.


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