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05 Feb 2016 22:46

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Continuing with my 401K transition to an IRA, I picked up one last buy for the week bringing my totals buys for the week to 8 different securities.

The financial sector is the worst performing sector YTD. Getting punished unnecessarily within that sector are insurance companies so I took advantage of that and grabbed 300 shares of Maiden Holdings at $12.80 and a yield of 4.8%.

It has been a pretty busy week with buying and I didn’t even get all my orders filled. Here is a summary of the remaining buy orders I’m patiently waiting to fill:

  • AVX Corp (AVX) @ $11/share
  • HCP Inc (HCP) @ $34.40/share
  • PPL Corp (PPL) @ $34/share
  • Principal Financial Group (PFG) @ $34/share
  • Spanamerica Medical (SPAN) @ $17.70/share'

I would have like to have added Cummins (CMI) to this list but the price just shot up to close the week at $99. No clue what was the catalyst but maybe it will return to the bargain basement.

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