Weekly S&P Performance

28 Feb 2016 19:10

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What a difference a day makes. The last day of the week was fairly interesting as the Utilities and Consumer Staples sectors were significantly negative and wiped out a weeks worth of gains. Up to Thursday the utilities were looking at a YTD return of 9.7% but after Friday's close the YTD return dropped to 6.7%.

It is unclear if this is just a temporary setback in the Utilities and Consumer Staples or a rotation out of defensive stocks. If this is a rotation out of defensive stocks then buying opportunities for dividend growth stocks will become more expensive.

Another sign that there may be a rotation out of defensive stocks is the gains in the Financial sector. All year financials have been near the bottom of sector performance week in week out. This week they were middle of the pack, not great but better than being at the bottom. Possible sign of better days ahead?

S&P Weekly Sector Perf S&P YTD Sector Perf

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