Weekly S&P Performance

20 Mar 2016 12:40

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For the week, the S&P sectors continued to make gains extending its rally. A good sign was seeing industrials lead the way which may be an indicator that this rally still has gas in the tank but I would still be cautious until the financials sector starts to make better gains.

Year to date, the utilities sector has added to its astounding return reaching 12.4%. This sector is definitely in the overbought and I would caution anyone currently considering buying utility stocks.

This 5 week market rally has allowed to the market to recover all of its losses and is making your portfolio value look healthy once again (assuming you did not panic sell). Unfortunately for dividend growth investors the easy value buys have passed and to find opportunities you will have to rollup your sleeves and work a little harder to find investments that offer an attractive yield and growth rate.

Personally, this rally has slowed down my purchases. Starting in mid January I have bought at least 1 holding every week and this is the first week since that I did not buy or reinvest into a single position. It is not that there are not bargains out there, it is just that the ones that are there I am fully invested in and adding more shares would disrupt my portfolio diversification.

S&P Weekly Sector Perf S&P YTD Sector Perf

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