Recent Sell (HCP)

04 Jun 2016 09:51

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I sold 200 shares of HCP at $33.67 with a capital gain loss of $149. Luckily losses were not that bad and I can use it as a deduction on my taxes.

Two weeks ago I bought two REITS, Pebblebrook (PEB) and Stag Industrial (STAG), which made my portfolio overweight in REITs. This sell brings my portfolio weighting back into alignment and allows me to avoid the upcoming HCP spinoff of their problem child HCR ManorCare of which I did not want to become a shareholder of.

Of course this places some cash back into the portfolio but as of right now I have no short term target to put the money to work. Instead I will use the cash as a reserve to capitalize on any future buying opportunity.

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