Father's Day Portfolio

18 Jun 2016 02:46

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My Dad passed away 29 years ago and I still miss the big lug. If Dad was still around today I would have loved to have given him an awesome Father’s Day gift of a small portfolio consisting of one share of the following companies. Wherever you are Pops HAVE A GREAT FATHERS DAY!!!

Father’s Day Portfolio Gift

Even though your kids are grown we are still useless so we still need your help repairing our houses so here are couple power tools from Black & Decker (SWK) and Lowes (LOW). By the way, you are getting older and pushing that lawn mower just doesn’t cut it so here is a brand new John Deere (DE) lawn tractor to cut that ½ acre of grass.

Of course you have been more than just a Dad, you are also a big boy at heart and big boys get big toys. With all of the kids out of the house that garage is pretty empty and we can fill it up by starting with a Ford (F) Mustang. If you have a classic car then you will need a classic Indian Motorcycle from Polaris (PII) to balance it out. Still have a little room left out in the garage, how about a new boat courtesy of Marine Products (MPX).

Toys and tools are fun but you are my Dad and I still like to do things with you. We could start by stopping by Big 5 Sporting Goods (BGFV) and grab some fishing gear before hitting the lake. After fishing we could enjoy playing the front 9 at one of the many golf courses of EPR Properties (EPR) or if you are feeling up to it we can play a full 18 holes.

Finally, having six kids could not have been easy. While you were a great Dad I am sure we took away time from you being a husband so here is a new RV from Thor Industries (THO) so you and Mom can get away from us and be a couple again.

Father’s Day Portfolio
Issue Price Yield
SWK $112 1.95%
LOW $78 1.79%
DE $86 2.79%
F $13 4.52%
PII $82 2.7%
MPX $8.5 2.83%
BGFV $9 5.57%
EPR $74 5.16%
THO $64 1.88%

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