3 Years Later, Mission Accomplished

10 Jul 2016 15:12

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3 Years ago I started a blog with the simple mission of becoming a more disciplined investor by documenting my journey and learning process.

In that three year time frame I feel I have met the original purpose of why I started a blog. I now regularly write down and revisit my goals and strategies. I have trained myself to remove my emotions from investing decisions and to let data tell the story of when to buy or sell allowing me to take control of mine and my family's financial future.

A benefit from blogging was the deprograming of decades of media perception that the stock market is for getting rich or going broke which I now know was speculation trading and not investing. Last and most importantly the greatest benefit of blogging was the participation of fellow bloggers sharing their wisdom and experiences.

After 3 years I truly feel that the original mission of this blog has been met. Now I sit at a crossroad of whether or not to continue on and if so what direction it should take it. There are more than enough dividend growth blogs out there to continue inspiring others so in regards to continuing on I am undecided at this moment.

Regardless of my decision going forward I want to take the time to thank everyone who has encouraged and helped along this journey, on that note…Thank You and I Wish You the Best in Achieving All of Your Financial Goals & Dreams!

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