Dividend Investing vs. Total Return Investing

23 Oct 2016 12:30

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For years I have hated the polarizing views on various articles, papers, and blogs that state one investing style is better than another as they back up their position with mounds of data. I have always been of the belief that your investing strategy should align to your goals. And by the way anyone can pick and choose historical data to support their position in a positive light by simply manipulating timelines or making random relationships.

I actually employ both styles of investing because a.) I have more than 1 long term goal that is not income or cash flow related and b.) my 401K does not allow for income investing. The hard part I have had to deal with is explaining this to others who either have little investing knowledge or are savvy investors but believe their style of investing is the only way.

I have finally come across a wonderfully written article by Michael Gardon that explains the two investing styles in a simple to read fashion. But, is just detailed enough to caution new investors that you need some skills to evaluate investments regardless of which strategy you choose.


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