Book Review: The Art of Retirement

22 Nov 2016 22:16
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I have read quite a few financial books over the years but lately a lot of the books being published are mediocre or just plain trash. Some of this I blame on the easy route of self-publishing via Amazon and all of the self help books telling folks they can create additional income streams through publishing. But recently, I came across one book that I highly recommend for investors of any age.

When I saw "The Art of Retirement" written by Gary Williams who is a certified financial planner I had my doubts and assumed it would be nothing more than a sales pitch for his investment firm. However, I did read the inside cover which mentioned that all proceeds from the book would be donated to ALS research for finding a cure and it was this one charitable line that tugged at me to give a try.

For anyone with any investing knowledge this will not enlighten you to new investing styles, analysis, or theories. Its financial investing elements are simple and laid out for someone not familiar with investing but this is not what got me excited about the book. Instead it is the author's method of how to examine ones life and establishing goals to improving your life, creating a legacy, and inspiration for financial independence.

One of the most moving concepts he proposes is by asking yourself a simple question

"What if an artist was going to paint your life's story on the ceiling of your home? Now imagine a painter will paint a fresco of your life, what would it look like (besides the fact that when you go to sell it the new homeowners may find it creepy)? Did it capture all of your accomplishments? Your victories? Your agonies of defeat or loss? Imagine for a moment what your masterpiece of life would look like."

This one question quickly examines your life to help find what is missing and starts you down the road for developing a plan to get there which in turn will lead to a happy fulfilled life. While this book was targeted at retirement, this concept can be applied throughout ones lifetime that can help develop pre-retirement as well as retirement goals.

I wouldn't call this book life changing but it will help add clarity as to what you are saving for and to how leave a legacy to be proud of.

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