Investment with Unlimited Dividends

29 May 2017 13:45

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There is an investment that has paid unlimited dividends that I will never take for granted. What is this magical investment you wonder? It is the human investment our service men & women make to ensure the safety and freedoms we enjoy are guaranteed. Their commitment and service allows me to:

  • Express my opinions without fear of persecution.
  • Walk safely out of my house without fear of my life.
  • Envision a future for my children.
  • Pray to any God I so wish to.
  • Own my own home.
  • Marry who I want and when.
  • Being charitable.
  • Imagine and plan for a peaceful retirement.
  • Opportunity to build wealth and invest freely

These are elements that support what is precious to me and many men and women have sacrificed their lives or livelihoods to ensure my freedoms. The responsibility hoisted upon their shoulders is immense but never do you hear them complain, in fact they do so willingly.

Please do not take this for granted. The next time you pass a grave marker of a fallen soldier bow your head in respect. When you see a servicemen thank him for his service. And finally when they return home from a deployment welcome them with open arms and cheer for them.

Enjoy Memorial Day and Remember!

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