UPS Increases Dividend 10%

09 Feb 2018 11:41

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UPS just announced an increase to its quarterly dividend from $0.83/share to $0.91/share a 9.64% increase! This makes the annual dividend $3.64/share and increases the yield to 3.33% as of Thursday's 2/8/18 close at $109.28/share.

With a new yield of 3.33% this moves my fair value price up to $121/share making it slightly undervalued to its dividend growth rate and the long term goals I have set for income growth. While I have no surplus cash to purchase additional shares I do have another tool at my disposal to capture the opportunity called dividend reinvestment. So first thing this morning I logged into my brokerage account and turned on the auto dividend reinvestment.

This correction is slowly starting to make some dividend growth equities attractive again and hopefully there will be more opportunities to come.

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