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13 Jul 2018 17:25

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I did not post any blog updates last weekend and if I disappointed anyone I apologize but it was for a good reason as I was hard at work developing a new list that I’m pretty excited about. With that being said, I developed a new list called the U.S. Inflation Beaters Index. This list is a compilation of companies who have grown their annual dividends for 25 or more consecutive years and their annual dividend increases exceed the inflation rate for each year.

When I first imagined this list I thought it was going to be a quick exercise in spreadsheet number crunching but I couldn’t have been more wrong. I started by using the ever-so valuable U.S. Dividend Champions List from as a base model. The limitations of that file was that dividend payment history only went back to the year 2000 and would not fit the analysis needed to be done. From there I spent the next 5 days downloading the dividend history for each champion (there were 123 companies) and then had to manually adjust for all stock splits.

Once I had all of the relevant information it was an easy analysis after that. Using the inflation table from, the inflation rate from each year was overlaid to see how often a dividend increase exceed inflation. The data was then formatted and migrated to google sheets and now available to all. This will be a fairly easy thing to maintain going forward so I am pretty happy with the way it turned out.

Now that the data is available, the largest surprise was of the original 123 dividend champions only 32% met the criteria of beating the inflation rate for 25+ years. The really impressive companies are those with 30+ year streaks as they did this while navigating the significant downturns from:

  • Black Monday Crash of 1987
  • S&L Crisis in the early 1990’s
  • Dot-Com crash of 2000
  • 9/11 Terrorist Attacks in 2001
  • Financial Crisis of 2008-2009
Hers is a quick metric summary of the components of the list:

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