Watch List Updated (finally)

25 Nov 2013 22:19

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After all of my recent purchases my watch list was becoming woefully useless so with a little elbow grease it has been cleaned up.

First to go were companies I already purchased like Chevron, PPL, and General Mills, which I still have sights on buying more General Mills.

Second to go were sector stocks I no longer needed. After evaluating my diversification I eliminated energy stocks HP, Exxon Mobil, and Sunoco Logistics.

The last set of stocks to go were items that became just too pricey. First up was Sturm-Roger which went crazy from August to October as its price shot from $52 to $77 per share a whopping 48% jump made this a tad pricey. The last stock to be removed was Meredith Corp. which went from $42 to $52 a share in just two months. A 28% jump for an industry I think is in a slow death spiral made me lose my appetite.

Quite a few removals but a few were added to address some diversification concerns (desperately needed some industrials) so Cummins and Union Pacific were added. A long term prospect I have my eye on was also added so say hello to Steris Corp. Yes the dividend yield on the new additions are below my 3% requirement but for the diversity it will make sleep a little better at night.

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