November Dividend Income

01 Dec 2018 12:32
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After 31 years of clocking in and out of work and religiously saving 10% annually every year, in good times and bad, I have decided to share my monthly dividend income to show what regular saving and investing can accomplish.

This Month I made $2,132 and was a bit surprised as I did not expect to break the $2K barrier this month but I forgot about my Fastenal (FAST), Chatham Lodging (CLDT) and Sabra Heath Care (SBRA) purchases which, combined with dividend reinvestment, moved the monthly income across the line. This is my third month of tracking so from here on forward I can start tracking a quarter over quarter growth rate.


A little over a week ago I created a 3 year goal metric and here is the first monthly update. My percent complete only increased 0.05%. Pretty disappointing but it was only just 9 days ago that I created it and can’t read too much into it. On the positive side, after just a week without contributing any new investment money it did grow on its own so something to take pride in.


On the expense front I have kept my credit card debt down to zero. But, it is that time of year as I received two college tuition bills in the mail and yes I have two kids in college with a third just 1 ½ years away. The first tuition bill is from my oldest and she will be taking out her very first student loan to pay so the burden is on her and not me. Luckily she graduates in Fall of 2019, with only one more semester she will have $10K in student loan debt. I actually wanted my children to assume some debt to take ownership of their decisions and $10K is pretty manageable.

The second tuition bill I have funds for and it will not impact my monthly expenses. This is something we saved towards 15 years ago so the impacts is minimal.

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