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21 Dec 2018 21:57

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Transports have been getting whacked on the markets as of late and it is hard to ignore when big names like UPS & FedEx are dropping to new 52 week lows. I already have a sizable position in UPS so I opted to place a limit order for Ryder System (R) and it only took two days to trigger my limit buy order.

On Friday I increased my position in R at a price of $45.60/share and a dividend yield of 4.74%. This new purchase will increase my forward annual dividend income by $47 and represents my last stock purchase for the year as I am out of cash until 2019 kicks-in.

For those not familiar, Ryder System provides transportation and supply chain management solutions worldwide. The company operates through three segments: Fleet Management Solutions (FMS), Dedicated Transportation Solutions (DTS), and Supply Chain Solutions (SCS). Ryder System also has a 15 year dividend growth history and a 13 year inflation beat record and a 10 year dividend growth rate of 8.76% with its most recent 3.85% increase announced back in July.

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