New Buys KHC and VER plus some last minute selling

28 Dec 2018 11:04

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On Monday I decided to trim back my portfolio and sold three stocks; Versum (VSM), Keurig Dr. Pepper (KDP), and Analog Devices (ADI). All three stocks were acquired from buyouts or spin-offs, however, their position in my portfolio was so small that it was becoming a labor to track all three so I decided to cut them loose. These sells reduced my forward annual income by $66.


On Wednesday I bought Kraft-Heinz Corp (KHC) at a price of $42.52 with an annual dividend yield of 5.88%. At this price it was just too cheap to ignore so I made the move to capitalize. This buy adds $58 to my annual forward dividend income,


My second purchase was a small increase in my VEREIT position inside of my ROTH IRA at a price of $7.10/share and a yield of 7.89% which adds $24 to my forward annual dividend. Luckily I bought this a day ahead of the ex-dividend date so it will immediately start contributing next month.

Overall between the sells and buys my forward dividend netted out to an additional $16. Not the greatest jump but and increase none the less. I still have a little cash left over from the selling action so not sure if these are the last buys of 2018.

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