December Dividend Income

01 Jan 2019 12:29
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After 31 years of clocking in and out of work and religiously saving 10% annually every year, in good times and bad, I have decided to share my monthly dividend income to show what regular saving and investing can accomplish.

This month I made $2,470 and it was a nice way to wrap up 2018. This is my first month I can do a historical comparison as I just recently started tracking month to month dividend income. Quarter over Quarter my monthly dividend increased $217 or 9.65%. However, this number is slightly inflated as my ETFs make a double distribution payment in December. If we discount the extra ETF income the increase is $86 or 3.83%. Not too shabby and extremely pleased.


Looking at my 3 year goal metric I improved my percent complete by 0.25% from last month. This was a little less than I had hoped but it was the holidays and I may have spent more than normal. From here on forward over the next 36 months it needs to improve by 0.833% a month. Hopefully things pick up on the income front or I can reduce an annual expense.


On the expense front I have kept my credit card debt down to zero. With the holidays behind us and all college tuition bills paid my expenses should be fairly stable until July. I did have an unplanned expense as I had to buy a new stove at total cost after taxes and delivery was $556. Two years ago this would have set me back but with my credit card & mortgage debt gone I had the money but it came at the expense of not buying a snow blower I had been saving for.

I realize a snow blower to some is a luxury but two months ago we had an early season snow storm and I had a sore shoulder for three weeks after shoveling. Went to the doctor and discovered I have early onset of arthritis in my right shoulder. It should be fine as long as I limit the stress I put on the shoulder. Luckily, our winter has been mild since that time and we have not had a snow storm since. Looks like I will have to wait until next month to get the snow blower and hopefully mother nature will be accommodating. It is a bit of a gamble as I live in the northeast and the odds are against me.

To wrap things up I’d like to wish everyone a Happy 2019 New Year and hope that all your plans, goals and ambitions for the New Year come true!

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