New Buys PEP and ABBV

11 Jan 2019 15:35

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Friday morning I added to my Pepsico (PEP) position picking up a few shares at $107.83/share with a 3.45% dividend yield of which will add $34 to my annual forward dividend income.

I love Pepsi products this time of year as it is the top product for Super Bowl parties everywhere! I can't remember a single party where their chips, dips, or soda wasn't available to munch on. Guess that makes PEP my Super Bowl pick for 2019 :)


My buying did not end with PEP, I also grabbed a few shares of AbbVie(ABBV) at $87.82/share with a 4.7% dividend yield that will add $47 to my annual forward dividend income.

ABBV is going ex-dividend on Monday so this was a buy with a quick dividend payout and I was lucky that the market discounted the price just before.

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