Inflation Beaters Index Updated!

03 Feb 2019 00:56

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The Inflation Beaters Index has finally been completely updated to reflect all 2018 dividend growth and inflation data. Below is a summary of the update, and hopefully useful to fellow investors.

2018 Average Inflation Rate 2.45%

The final inflation came in at 2.45% and was the highest rate since 2011. This may seem pretty tame but it still takes a bite out of growth.

Take for example AT&T (T) which increased its dividend from $2/share to $2.04/share. This recent increase extended T’s impressive continuous dividend growth to 35 years and cementing it as a dividend aristocrat. However if we adjust the increased dividend for inflation, the annual dividend actually shrank to $1.991/share or -0.45%. This makes that aristocrat status look a bit tarnished.

Changes to the Inflation Beaters Index

Hers is a quick metric summary of the components of the champion (25 or more years) and contenders list (11 to 24 years):


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