Summary of First Quarter Increases

15 Feb 2014 12:45

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In the first quarter I expected 6 stocks to increase dividends and to date I have 1 miss in Triangle Capital (TCAP).

Though TCAP did not raise their dividend they did issue a special dividend of $0.30 per share payable in two installments of March and June ($0.15 per share in each installment). While not a regular increase it is still a bump of 13% more than last years overall payment. TCAP has already been on my 2 year watch list as they had no increases last year which gives them another 10 months to recover with growth.

Financially TCAP continues to manage their portfolio and position themselves for future growth and one of the primary reasons I am giving them a full two years to get back on the div growth wagon. The second half of 2013 saw extensive loan repayments. TCAP's ability to identify strong investment candidates and to quickly turn the repayment money back into their portfolio will be key to maintaining my faith in management.

Rounding out the remainder of expected increases we had Dr. Pepper Snapple (DPS) 7.9%, PPL Corp (PPL) 1.4%, and Hasbro (HAS) 7.5%. Of course the quarter is not over and next month I am expecting news from Air Products (APD) and Waste Management (WM).

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