Inflation Beaters Index Updated!

27 Jan 2020 23:35

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The Inflation Beaters Index has finally been completely updated to reflect all 2019 dividend growth and inflation data. Below is a summary of the update, and hopefully useful to fellow investors.

2019 Average Inflation Rate 1.8%

The final inflation came in at 1.8%, this may seem pretty tame but it removed 3 stocks from the index. I have heard countless times that inflation is a non-factor to dividend growth but for the second year in a row we still have companies who cannot keep up with this silent killer.

Interestingly, I just read a Seeking Alpha article with an author singing the praises about how Polaris Industries (PII) is a hidden gem and here we are taking it out of the index for failing to grow its dividend better than the rate of inflation.

As you read on about the summary of changes one number that jumps out is the the average dividend yield for both the Champions & Contenders were quite bit lower reflecting the overall equity growth that has outpaced dividend growth,

Changes to the Inflation Beaters Index

Here is a quick metric summary of the components of the champion (25 or more years) and contenders list (11 to 24 years):


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