Progression on Goals

01 Mar 2014 18:59

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February was a nice step in meeting every item of my 2014 goals all in thanks to Mr. Market, decent dividend increases from Dr. Pepper Snapple (DPS) & Hasbro (HAS) and finally pulling the trigger on my first buy of the year (HCP Inc).

Last month I spoke about challenges of being in a sandwich generation and the loss of my annual bonus. Some good that came out was that my wife found a very flexible part-time job. It is only a couple hours a day and at minimum wage. But she can take time off whenever she needs to leaving her the flexibility for taking care of aging parents and replacing my loss of a bonus.

Unfortunately things at my place of employment are getting worse. Just went through a large layoff (I survived) and it just may be the tip of the iceberg for more. Yet there is silver lining, the severity of my employment status has inspired my family to dig deep to find more money saving ideas.

For the most part I have little control over my employment so I will continue to focus on what I can control such as my DGI portfolio. It is for scenarios like this that originally inspired my move to dividend growth.


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