Work From Home - Sign of the Times

28 Jul 2020 23:16

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Here is an interesting news release of Google extending its work from home policy until July 2021. I actually think this is a realistic thing for Google to do when you consider vaccines will not be available until middle 2021. Its a lot easier to just rip the band-aid off, tell the employees, and stop meeting about this every few months and making employees speculate.

The bigger question, is this foretelling where most work from home plans will end up? Probably and this translates to longer loses for companies that haven't adapted well to this new consumer market (or lack of). This article has motivated me to start rotating out of my restaurant stock VEREIT (VER). I understand VER has property diversity but they still have a good size portfolio dedicated to restaurants and specifically Red Lobster locations.

I am a little late on this one as fellow bloggers already sold but I wanted to see how things would shake out before I made any moves.

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