Buys and Sells for the Week

25 Sep 2020 14:28

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Markets continue to look weak, small rally's just seem to fade and just not make any significant headway. My best guess is folks are just in a holding pattern and taking some capital gains, all the while waiting for elections to pass. In the meantime, I 'll keep pick up shares here and there with each pull back. With that said here are my buys for the week:

1. Bar Harbor Bank (BHB) – increased position – This small Maine bank has been slowly improving their loan/loss risk each quarter. The company is overdue for a dividend raise which I believe may pop some time in the 4th quarter. A 4.7% dividend yield with possibility of near term increase is pretty nice.

2. Kimball International (KBAL) – increased position – Every time this small cap dips below $11/share I’m buying. Only 5 years of dividend growth but I love companies with little to no debt and growing earnings.

3. 3M (MMM) – increased position – Below $160/share is my buying price for this Dividend Champion that netted me a 3.7% yield.

4. Pepsico (PEP) – increased position – Pepsi is one of my favorite Dividend Growth stocks but share prices have been stuck in the $130-139 range. With prices currently trading at the low end of this range I picked up some shares and a yield of 3.1%.

5. Weyco Group (WEYS) – increased position – The share price really fell out on this Dividend Champion as shares dropped to $15.25 and a 6.3% yield. Hard not to take a gamble on this.

6. International Business Machines (IBM) - increased position – IBM has 25 years of dividend growth and a 5.5% yield which will contribute nicely. Their Red Hat acquisition allows them to remain relevant in the technology sector but I don't see their growth being as good as MSFT or AAPL.

7. AT&T (T) - increased position – Looking to increase my 2nd month of a quarter dividend income to smooth out monthly dividends. A 7.4% yield is nothing to sneeze at. Only downside is dividend growth over the last few years has been less than the rate of inflation, but the high yield compensates for now.

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