Quarterly Portfolio Update

30 Mar 2014 22:52

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Quarterly Dividend Growth
% from Div Growth .84%
% from New Investments 0.00%
% from Reinvested Div 1.3%
% from Special Dividends 3.97%
% Overall Growth 6.12%

Last quarter's late re-investment in PPL finally started kicking in this quarter contributing a 3.97% increase to income. As far as new purchases I did pick up some shares in the Healthcare REIT HCP Inc. which represents my first REIT component in my portfolio but will not start contributing until the next quarter.

For the quarter, there were two stocks that contributed to passive growth; GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) and Waste Management (WM). A third stock TCAP contributed with a special one-time dividend payable over two quarters, while nice to receive it will mess with my growth metrics in the third quarter of this year when the special dividend is gone and I may have to show a negative decrease in quarterly growth.

WM was disappointing with its increase as they only increased their annual payout by 2.7%. This is below the growth I need to meet my investing goals so I will continue to monitor for risk of growth falling further.

GSK had a decent year and it its showing as they increased annual dividend just slightly more than 5%.

TCAP was a real disappointment. I had been expecting a dividend increase announcement in February but instead they issued a special one-time dividend to be paid over two installments. While TCAP has performed wonderfully for me over the years the last year and six months have seen little growth putting TCAP on my watch list as a potential sell, I’m giving the company 6 more months before I make a final decision.

Speaking of dividend growth announcements I received increase announcements from APD, DPS, GIS, & PPL. Definitely looking forward to these increases in the next quarter.

As far as additional contributions I only managed to save $300 this quarter. Saving was tough even though my wife picked up a part-time job. We were continually hit with little unplanned expenses. New brakes for wife's mini-van, microwave died, snow-blower died, and it goes on and on. I would like to think unplanned expenses have ended but I fear this harsh winter may have caused more damage to the house & property of which we should discover as spring arrives and I have a chance to inspect.

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