My Goals After One Quarter

06 Apr 2014 12:24

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Mr. Market has continued to be nice with annual dividend increases during the month of March from Air Products (APD) & Waste Management (WM). All dividend increases for the quarter contributed nicely to my forward dividend growth goal allowing me exceed the planned 25% versus 33% for the quarter.

Last month I spoke how my wife found a very flexible part-time job. It is only a couple hours a day and at minimum wage. It was thanks to this new job that we were able to save $300 for the month as unplanned bills (repairs to cars & house) came rolling in and derailed my savings plan.

Unfortunately $300 was not enough to buy any of my targeted investments so I'm ending the quarter slightly below where I should be for "Contributing to New DGI Purchases" at 21% complete versus a target of 25%. Luckily I finished my taxes and have a decent return coming in June which should be put back on track.

One of the areas that has taken away from ability to save for new purchases is my goal to have a cash balance of 10% in my 401K to reduce risk. I decided to accelerate this to get it out of the way and doubled my 401K contribution. The aggressive approach is paying off as I'm at 80% of my goal versus a planned 25%. My hope is to have this completed by June so I can focus on the 3rd & 4th quarter for acquiring new equities to increase my forward dividend.


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