Quarterly Dividend Update

13 Jul 2014 15:44

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Quarterly Dividend Growth
% from Div Growth 2.93%
% from New Investments 5.5%
% from Reinvested Div 2.97%
% from Special Dividends 0%
% Overall Growth 11.47%

Last quarter's new investment in Bar Harbor Bank (BHB) and increasing my position in Ensco (ESV) contributed a 5.5% increase to income. I also initiated a position in Maiden Holdings (MHLD) but it will not start contributing until the 3rd quarter.

For the quarter, there were eight stocks that contributed nicely to my overall passive growth; Air Products (APD), Chevron (CVX), Doctor Pepper-Snapple (DPS), General Mills (GIS), Hasbro (HAS), Peoples Bank (PBCT), Proctor & Gamble (PG, and utlity PPL (PPL). Orgranic passive dividend growth represented a 2.93% increase to income for the quarter.

While the past two quarters were very active with many of my holdings announcing dividend increases, I do not foresee any increase from dividend growth until the 4th quarter so this will be muted until then.

Looking forward to the next quarter I may experience my first decline from quarter to quarter growth. Triangle Capital (TCAP) issued a special dividend that was paid out over the 1st and second quarters. With its end I may not be able to fully compensate even with the additional purchase of Maiden Holdings.

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