DRIP Portfolio Expanded

07 Jun 2015 12:33

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Over the last month two more dividend growers have dropped enough in price to make me change my dividend status to DRIP.

Diesel engine maker Cummins (CMI) is down 15% from its 52 week high and down 5% YTD. Healthcare REIT HCP, Inc. (HCP) is hovering near its 52 week low due to multiple concerns with tenets and interest rate increase concerns. Both CMI & HCP have given no cause for alarm that dividends will be halted or decreased or that continued growth will cease.

As the market moves closer to the possible September Fed interest rate increase I anticipate a rotation out of dividend paying stocks by investors putting downward price pressure on shares. I see this as a buying opportunity and will not be shocked if I add more holdings to my DRIP status.

Holding DRIP Start
MHLD – Maiden Holdings Mar 2015
MSFT - Microsoft Mar 2015
QCOM - Qualcomm Mar 2015
THO – Thor Industries Mar 2015
New CMI - Cummins Jun 2015
New HCP - HCP, Inc. Jun 2015

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