New REIT Position

18 Sep 2015 21:53

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I initiated a small position in REIT WP Carey (WPC) that will generate $65 in annual dividend income. I could have invested more but did not want more than 10% of my portfolio dedicated to REITS.

When it comes to REITS I have never been fond of mortgage REITS because the business is too complicated for me to follow. Instead, I prefer REITS with hard assets (properties). With WPC rounding out the portfolio, the property diversification is quite impressive. With just 4 REITS we have diversification in the following property types throughout the world:

  • Residential Apartments
  • Senior Housing
  • Nursing Home & Rehab Centers
  • Medical & Hospital
  • Biotech & Life Science
  • Industrial
  • Commercial Office
  • Self-Storage
  • Retail
  • Warehouse & Distribution

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