DRIP Portfolio Update

13 Dec 2015 23:29

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The last quarter of 2015 has been a wild ride with the market swinging up and down like a yo-yo making it difficult to figure which prices are really down or up but a couple have been steady to make some changes to my DRIP Portfolio.

Microsoft (MSFT) has long been a favorite of mine. The company announced strong earnings and another great dividend increase causing the stock price to shoot into the mid $50s from the mid to upper $40s. I still love MSFT as a dividend grower but the rise in share price has changed my opinions on the effectiveness of DRIP'g. I believe I can use the cash better towards other values and as such removed the DRIP designation.

Omega Healthcare Investors (OHI) has not been as lucky as MSFT. REIT stocks in general have been under price pressure with a looming Fed rate increase. OHI is down 26% for the year and it had little to do with performance. OHI still continues to execute and increase dividends but if the market wishes to punish OHI then I am obliged to take advantage by adding it to the DRIP Portfolio.

I had high hopes for General Motors (GM) to continue languishing around $30 per share as most investors still have not forgiven them for their bankruptcy. Their most recent earnings increase though is starting to make investors warm up to GM once again and share prices have since increased 10%. As such GM missed the cut for being added to the DRIP portfolio so I'll continue to receive their dividend and invest in other opportunities.

Holding DRIP Start
CMI - Cummins Jun 2015
HCP - HCP, Inc. Jun 2015
MHLD – Maiden Holdings Mar 2015
MSFT - Microsoft removed
PG - Procter & Gamble Aug 2015
QCOM - Qualcomm Mar 2015
THO – Thor Industries Mar 2015
New OHI - Omega Healthcare Investors Dec 2015

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