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3rd Quarter Portfolio Growth Update - 27 Sep 2014 14:34


Quarterly Dividend Growth
% from Div Growth 0.12%
% from New Investments 3.28%
% from Reinvested Div 0%
% from Special Dividends -3.35%
% Overall Growth 0.06%

Triangle Capital's (TCAP) special dividend expired in the second quarter and hit my dividend growth with a negative decline in the third. Luckily I had a new purchase in Maiden Holdings (MHLD) that essentially zeroed out the loss.

For the quarter, one stock contributed nicely to my passive growth; Bar Harbor Bank (BHB) raised their quarterly dividend by 3.2%.

This was the first quarter where there was no increase from reinvested dividends. This isn't a surprise for me as the 2nd & 3rd quarters of a new year I'm busy buying new shares with new money while I let the dividend pile up. With the 4th quarter coming up I expect to again see no growth from reinvested dividend but I do plan on investing all of my dividend that have been piling up which will probably contribute to 2015 growth.

Microsoft (MSFT) continues to be faithful with annual dividend increases. In September, MSFT announced an 11% increase in dividends starting in Nov. 2014.

Looking forward to the next quarter I'm expecting dividend increases from BP (BP), Seagate (STX) and Ensco Plc (ESV). If Bar Harbor Bank (BHB) keeps up its trend of quarterly dividend increases (currently at 13 consecutive quarters) I may have an additional bump. These increases will probably not contribute to 4th quarter growth but will be a nice start to 1st quarter of next year. - Comments: 0

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