Goals and Strategies

Website Mission

To document my journey towards taking control of my financial future and achieving my life goals.

Pre-Retirement Goals

Fund 50% of my children’s college expenses

  • Save early and use total return investing strategy
  • Encourage commuting to college to save

Have an emergency cash fund equal to 1 month of expenses

  • Cash in a local bank /savings account

Develop emergency annual passive income equal to 3 months of expenses

  • Taxable account using dividend income investing strategy

I was late to start this goal and would have liked 6 months of expenses. However, this goal combined with 1 month of emergency cash, unemployment benefits and cost cutting should get me through to the next job.

Retirement Goals

Buy a retirement home in a warmer climate

  • Use total return investing strategy to meet purchase goal
  • Mild winters (average winter temps near 30F or higher)
  • Good soil environment for gardening
  • Located within 10 miles of a lake with good fishing
  • Hospital is no more than 20 minutes away
  • Safe area for taking long walks

Enough retirement income to support a retirement lifestyle for:

  • Gardening
  • Fishing
  • Coin Collecting
  • Reading (self-education and entertainment)
  • Maintaining website(s)
  • Going out to eat twice a week
  • Traveling to see family and friends minimum of 6 times a year

Establishing a Family Legacy

  • Write a book on Family Tree with background write-ups and graphics
  • Develop a Family crest or coat-of-arms
  • Establish a private foundation
  • Transfer of Wealth

The inspiration for establishing a Family Legacy is to provide future generations with a unique identity and purpose while enabling future generations to pursue life fulfilling quests. While not possible to achieve during my generation, it is with hope that future generations are educated to work hard and save hard to achieve a life of financial independence at the age of 40 upon which their savings coupled with a transfer of wealth from the previous generation will allow them to commit to their life pursuits and continuing the family legacy for generations to come.

Vision of Private Foundation

  • Family run
  • Focus on local charities
  • Invest in local businesses for job growth
  • Charitable donations to civic improvements
  • Preserve history

The purpose of the foundation is not just to be charitable but to also to be a contributing member of the community to help it grow and prosper through job growth and beautification while preserving the communities history.

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